mediaIn most cases, media file conversion is a pain in the neck. In the past, if you had to convert a WAV file to an MP3, you had to download a software application dedicated to media file conversion. In recent years, several software developers have skipped the process of buying dedicated programs by creating websites that convert media files for you in a matter of moments for CD duplication purposes. This doesn’t just include text and audio files, these online converters have become so sophisticated as to allow for picture and video file conversion. While this is great news for web-based media-savvy Internet user, not all of these online sites and applications are created equal. In fact, there are hundreds of sites that claim free media conversion, but then charge you a nominal subscription fee. In an effort to help you navigate this confusing world of online media converters, ere’s a quick list of the best.

1. HandBrake

This multi-platform media converter is among the most popular online converter applications available. This primarily because it can be used on any type of computing device, and is generally considered to be free and open source. Additionally, the online converter is popular among code and web developer nerds the world over. It is available as both a graphic interface, and as a command line interface. The main downside is that it is fairly limited in file conversion power. But with its powerful DVD ripping capabilities, HandBrake may be a solid choice for users with basic file conversion needs.

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2. MediaCoder

MediaCoder is a batch processing media encoder. In a nutshell, it lets you convert multiple files simultaneously and rather quickly. The web application supports nearly every file format you can think of, and runs on a very user-friendly and attractive looking graphic interface. MediaCoder is best used on a Windows machine, but it can also be used on every other major operating system platform. MediaCoder also has iPhone, Android and PSP apps available for mobile file conversion.

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3. FormatFactory

FormatFactory is a free, online-only media converter. It lets you convert a wide range of file-types across several different operating system platforms. This includes video, audio, documents and images. Basically, FormatFactor converts just about any digital media file you can think of for easy download. The converted file is then emailed to you for easy access.

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4. FFMpeg

This application is relatively simple, but also very powerful. It runs solely on a command line interface, which makes it a great option for many code enthusiasts. FFMpeg is a free, open source web application used to convert a wide range of digital files, including but limited to, MP3, AIFF, WAV, MP4, and JPEG files. The main downside is that the learning curve for FFMpeg is fairly steep, and there are very few tutorials on how to use the software.

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5. Super

Super is a highly integrative online media converter. It primarily runs on an attractive graphic interface. It also offers highly customizable options for a wide range of digital audio and video file types.

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