Come July and a lot of people will upgrade their Macs to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 which will be released for $19.99 in July.

Apple makes sure upgrades are smooth and faultless. Although CD-ROM-less upgrades and installations are nothing new, there’s still a lot of things that could possibly hinder a proper and safe upgrade.

S0006_TimeMachineJust in case an upgrade doesn’t go well as expected, there is a risk of losing your data. That is why it is always recommended to backup your data – be it before jailbreaking or upgrading your iPhone / iPad to a new iOS, or be it upgrading to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on your Mac.

Backing up is easy thanks to Time Machine app that ships along with OS X. Having an external drive always helps – and a routine backing up policy makes sure your data is safe, always.

However, having a bootable backup is even better because should the boot go wrong and your Mac ends up not booting at all, the bootable back up will help in getting your Mac up and running again.

Bootable Backups are easy to make. Apps like Carbon Copy Cloner [] are great in helping you make bootable backups easily.

Of the features that you should look out for, you must certainly look for routine and scheduled backing up. This helps in the back up tool doing the necessary backups without you having to constantly check it.

Scheduled bootable backup is a must if your data is very precious.

Before you upgrade to Mountain Lion next month, make sure you have all your data backed up safely. Sometimes, too much data could be a pain to backup. In these cases, make sure you clear unnecessary data first and take only what is necessary.