cell-phone-theftMost of us wouldn’t know what to do if we had to go without our cell phones. Even when we need to wait a day or two to have our mobile device fixed or replaced, it can seem like an eternity. Unfortunately, plenty of people out there want your phone too and are willing to break the law and resort to pretty despicable means in order to get it.

Write Down the Number of Your Device

Do this right now before you forget. You never know when a potential theft will happen and having the number written down can make a big difference should it ever occur. Each phone has it in a different area. On an iPhone, you’ll find it in small print on the back. Look up where to find your particular version and then keep a copy of it somewhere safe.

If someone ever steals your phone, you can call your carrier and give them the number. They’ll immediately shut it down, then, so that no one can activate or otherwise use the device on a domestic network.

Always Remain Aware of Your Surroundings

One thing that makes it so easy to steal cell phones is because people regularly have their phones out in the open. Consider how much a phone is worth. $200? $300? Some cost $500 or $600. Would you take out that much cash in a public area? Probably not, right? So why do that with your cell phone?

Even though you have to use your phone from time to time, make sure you know where you are when you do it. When you text, your head is down, unaware of who is around you. This makes it very easy for someone to get a running start, grab your phone and take off before you even know what happened.

Instead, if you’re going to use your phone in public with people around, find a wall to lean up against so people can’t simply run off and keep their momentum. Use the phone in the hand closest to the wall and shield it with your other so it looks like you’re just blocking out light. This will also make the snatch and grab much harder. Lastly, look up regularly so you can see anyone getting suspiciously close.

Check Yourself Regularly

Many thieves won’t wait for you to produce your phone because they’re adept at brushing up against you and taking the device off your person. If at all possible, then, wear clothes with pockets that are hard to reach. This may mean coats with inside pockets or those with zippers on them.

If this isn’t an option, either keep a hand on your phone while you’re about and about, even though it remains in your pocket at all times. Otherwise, at least check back on it regularly, especially if you’re in cramped quarters like a subway.

Cell phone theft is, unfortunately, something that will continue happening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to prevent it with the above tips.