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Issa Asad 4 Ways to Be an Awesome Boss

Issa Asad Good Boss TipsBosses are usually viewed as people who are always commanding and giving instruction which must be followed, but this is not always the case. Becoming an awesome boss is not as hard as many people believe. Changing from being just a team member to a manager is a great step because you do not only change the name and roles, but also behaviors must change.

The functions you play also go up to a more difficult level. “This happens because you will have to manage more employees and their work, unlike in the past when you only had to manage your own projects and work,” explains Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and businessman since 1996. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

You find yourself supervising your fellow employees whom you complained about your manager together. Despite this, it is not hard to become a good manager; all you need to do is to take your time to plan on how you undertake your new role. To help you in the process, this article offers you Issa Asad 4 ways to be an awesome boss.

1. Restructure Your Relationship with Other Staff Members

This is one of the trickiest things you must do when you become a manager. You might not want to reframe your relationship with employees whom you are very close, but in order to function effectively as a manager, you need to do so. This does not mean that you avoid them completely; all you have to do is to focus more on your major roles. Even when you have fun with other staff members, make sure you are responsible and be a leader in your company.

2. Demonstrate Leadership

A good leader does not lead by just mere talks, they lead by acting. This helps create a culture in which other staff members would want to copy the leader as they carry out their roles too. You need to consider the qualities that you would want your employees to exhibit and practice them, so that you act as a role model. This will help you build respect and trust among your employees, thus making it easy for you to manage them through understanding and consensus.

3. Communicate Regularly and in an Effective Way

Having great communication skills is one of the key qualities that every employee regardless of the career level should have. Therefore to become an awesome manager, you need to work on improving your skills both in written and verbal form. Make sure that your staff members understand the goals they are aiming to achieve when playing their different roles. This will make them be more productive because they know that you have confidence in their abilities. When there is a new policy that requires to be implemented, inform them the reason for its implementation, the role they play in the process and the effects it will have on them. They may not like the policy, but if they understand it, they will respect you and the position you hold.

4. Be a Good Listener

You need to encourage open door policies because they enhance honesty, conversation and openness. Listen to the challenges faced by your employees and change the one causing problems. However, set limits so that you play your functions effectively.

Issa Asad 5 Ways to Recognize Awesome Employees

Employee Rewards Issa AsadRecognizing awesome employees is an essential part of running a successful business. Happy employees who feel they are valued and recognized for doing a job well done, will almost always result in nothing but great things for the company. An effective and motivational employee recognition system is not really something that needs to be well thought out and a clear plan; as that simply seems as a false promise by the employers to the employees.

“To create a rewards program based upon certain criteria is not necessary, but having a rewards tactic for employees is an essential part of any business,” exclaimed Issa Asad Florida businessman and CEO of 2 companies (Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings).

Here are Issa Asad 5 ways to recognize awesome employees:

1. Be Clear and Specific

To recognize an employee’s great job needs to be directly towards the person who had done the job well and they need to know exactly what it is that you are pleased with. To be halfway recognized and unsure as to what they did to receive praise may confuse the employee and they won’t know what it is that you are pleased with for the future.

2. Genuinely Satisfied

Being insincere is an easy thing to pinpoint because obviously you are just trying to get the point across without being clearly happy for the employee. Being vague and not exactly genuine towards that specific employee would probably come off as such. Be sure that your employee knows how awesome you think they are and be excited for them that they are so successful in their work and for your business.

3. Recognize Them

Be sure to recognize the big and small things and even the not so amazing employees when they do something great. To constantly recognize the same 5 people over and over will make it seem as if you have favorites and the others are simply on the wayside. Even recognizing the small and minimal things that average employees do, in which are very good, should be addressed and encouraged. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of recognition by the boss to show them they are truly awesome, valued, and that you are encouraging them to continue; it may even make them work harder and become a top employee.

4. Be Spontaneous

To have a set motion in plan, such as a scheduled weekly meeting about top employees stats, is a great thing to look forward to for any employee. To be spontaneous and get recognition for something unexpected and surprising is a lot more appreciated and can take a three star employee all the way to a five.

5. Treat Individually

Treat everybody as if they are different and praise them differently as well, because they are definitely completely different individuals. Each person will respond in a different way when they are being recognized; some will be ecstatic while others will shy away from the attention. To understand your employees different personalities and how you think they will respond to the recognition is an amazing way to show you pay attention and honestly care for them, as individuals.

3 Best Tips for Rewarding Employees

Issa Asad Employee RewardsEmployees are cogs in the wheels that move a business. They are there to act on different roles – some being the face of the company, while others are behind the scenes. Without them, you will be building a house of cards. Most of the Fortune 500 companies value their employees so much that they make a point to appreciate them in every chance they get.

“It makes everyone on your team feel recognized, and fuels everyone’s passion,” exclaimed Issa Asad Florida businessman. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings in South Florida. “In turn, the wheels will have been oiled and will move forward with so much more surprising ease.”

Here are the 3 best tips for rewarding employees.

1. Act Fast

When someone does something praiseworthy, don’t sit on the praises for far too long. They may lose the connection between the behavior being recognized and the reward that followed. The great news is that you do not have to give such an expensive present to the individual in question. Something like a shopping gift card or a paid day off will be more than enough to reward their outstanding performance.

The problem with waiting for too long before rewarding an employee for their dedication is that they may do so much more in between, which could go unnoticed. The individual may also forget exactly what they did to warrant such recognition, given that work is dynamic. The earlier you can get to them, the better.

2. Be Sincere and Personal

The best managers always aim to build a solid relationship with the people responsible for moving the business forward – the employees. Trust is a valuable commodity within the organization. If you can get the workforce’s trust, you (and your firm) will be such a force to reckon with.

For this reason, it is imperative that you recognize the top performers publicly, in full view of the peers. Complement them with an heartfelt message that won’t come off as something meant to manipulate them. People can see through cheap and insincere flattery, so you have to avoid that.

Being personal means that you should be there in person with the “recipient” of the recognition when conveying praise. If you cannot make it to the venue, simply schedule a Skype session or a Hangout that will make you engage with them in person.

3. Get to the Point

To succeed in using rewards as a form of employee motivation, always seek to make a connection between the action being rewarded and the reward itself. If you generalize, you may end up sending an entirely wrong message – something along the line of favoritism.

Get to the point – tell them that they did such a good job by going above and beyond what they usually do. State how their behavior was perfect for the occasion and how the company benefited.

Employees play one of the most important parts in determining whether you’ll be a success story or not. Rewarding their excellent performance is one of the best ways of getting even more excellent results in future. Motivation is one of those simple things that you can do regularly to get fantastic output from your team.

3 Ways to Increase Employee Retention

Employee Retention Issa AsadThe value of manpower in any organization cannot be underestimated. Human Resources is perhaps the most crucial resource of all in any organization. As such, an organization should be dedicated to the well-being of each and every employee.

“As a CEO of a company, you would want a situation where high employee turnover is the order of the day,” exclaimed Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur, businessman, and CEO of 2 companies located in South Florida (including Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless).

Poor employee relations and high turnover may ruin the image of the company. Besides, the time and money spent in regular replacement of employees can be quite significant. For these simple reasons, employee retention should be paramount in any organization. Here are 3 ways to increase employee retention.

1. A Thorough Recruitment Process

Carrying out an effective recruitment process helps you get the right person for the job. This is because you are able to select the most qualified individual among the brood. Failure to carry out a thorough process leads to sub-optimal selections hence poor performance. Choosing the right person for the job means that the candidate selected will be comfortable and contented with his or her job and hence no need to leave or the quit the job. In the long run, the employee turnover rate will significantly reduce.

2. Benefits, Welfare, and Opportunities

The main reason most employees quit their current jobs for other jobs is the promise of a better pay and greater opportunities. As a firm, offering your employees welfare benefits and career development opportunities will not only motivate them but will also keep them around. The benefits and opportunities do not have to be very costly. Depending on your budget and capital base, you can offer varying welfare benefits and sure enough this will motivate the employees to work even harder. Simply put, it is the gesture that matters when it comes to such things.

3. Include Employees with Decisions

Employee inclusion in the management processes creates a sense of belonging and ownership to every employee. Management by Objectives is one way that a firm can exploit in the inclusion of employees in the management process. By doing so, every employee will be aware of the role that each one of them has to play towards the achievement of the organizational goals. The duties and responsibilities of each individual are well explained and understood. Having this inclusion of the employees, creates a good working relationship between the employees and the management. Team spirit is created, and the working environment is made much more comfortable for everyone. Having such a working environment will undoubtedly reduce employee turnover.

Increasing employee retention does not have to be that hard. The secret to this query is understanding what employees want. The key thing is keeping them motivated and focused towards the attainment of organizational goals. A change in the firm’s policies and strategies towards employee motivation may be all it takes to keep your employees around. The above tips can be very beneficial in setting up the right policies and creating a super working relationship between you and your employees.

Your Employees Should Have These 3 Qualities

Employee Qualities Issa AsadStarting a business is easy as long as you get the capital and a plan. But the most important aspect is to sustain it for the future. Employees form an integral part to the success of your business. They carry out the day to day activities thus they literally keep the company moving forward. “Hiring employees with appropriate attributes plays a big role to the future success of your firm,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and CEO of 2 companies located in South Florida (Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings).

Credible source credit 75% of startup business failures to hiring incompetent and unsuitable workers. This should send a signal to you whenever you advertise for a vacancy because bringing in someone with the wrong attitude and work ethics will kill your company. If you are looking to keep your business profitable for the foreseeable future, your employees should have these 3 qualities:

1. Being Passionate for the Job

You started your business not only to make money but because it is something you are passionate about. This passion keeps you doing the best each other day. You need employees who are equally passionate about what they do. Employees who love what they do will not be pushed to perform a task. They even go out of their way to do things which are not in their job description. Having a team of a passionate workforce will get things done efficiently and effectively. Passion drives your workforce against all the daily business challenges.

2. Team Players

Greater things are achieved when done in unison. As much as you need individual initiatives, you also need workers who can perform in groups. With the spirit of teamwork, there is nothing that will stall your company. It is good to look for people who will able to fit in all situations since you need them at their best when performing collective tasks. When hiring new employees, it is advisable that you first look at the workforce already in place so as to bring on someone who will be able to add value on to it. It helps to appreciate the fact that each one of your team members is not perfect but when the various capabilities are brought together then you have a holistic bond to face every future challenge.

3. Humble Employees

It helps your business when there is a clear chain of authority. Employees have to respect those in charge and the same goes to the managers. Having a workforce driven by humility is the best thing that can ever happen to your business. Ego is only good to some extent but not to the level of undermining others. Humble employees will acknowledge whenever they make a mistake and will do whatever it takes to redeem a bad situation. They will be honest enough to let you know things they do not know. Humility creates the openness to learn new things and this is something you need for your business to grow. So before you hire that person you think is qualified; it is recommendable you run a background check on past employment to ensure that you are not bringing in someone who will defy your business values.

Issa Asad’s 3 Tips for Buying a Business

Issa Asad buying a businessEntrepreneurs have a task of starting and running a business, thus buying a business is a form of unique investment: getting into an existing business rather than starting up a new one. This form of investment is assumed to be a franchise, which is almost as significant.

Issa Asad Florida based entrepreneur, businessman, and social media expert since 1996 says there are specific things you must do in order to purchase a business. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless, located in South Florida.

Here are Issa Asad’s 3 Tips for Buying a Business

1. It Takes Time

Building up into this kind of business attracts different, unique challenges, therefore there are a few considerations to be observed. This buying process will take a longer period since negotiations have to be done, putting into considerations the big question of why they want to sell. This company might have had a bad reputation and soured customer relations, thus one will need to review company’s books of accounts and find its executive summary. Though none of these would reveal the whole picture, it would help. By starting your own company, you only need to fill up some legal paperwork and apply for permits and licensing and you are good to go.

2. Understand the Business Niche

The buyer needs to shadow as a current owner for a while to familiarize with the company to be bought and learn its operations and point out what needs to be changed after gaining full ownership. For instance, when the prospective buyer finds out that they are overstaffed, it makes much sense to downsize and save on extra wages. Thereafter, the buyer needs to think through and make the right decisions on the big sale.

Buyers at times feel like imposters; the feeling that you do not deserve the success that’s coming your way for it feels like a fraud. This feeling can be technically inflamed by buying a business. These negative thoughts must be fought by recognizing the changes one needs to make to better the company’s operations. When buying someone else’s creation, one has to be comfortable, as you will possess and run it your own way. Owning a business comes with commitment in terms of time, money and the knowledge of what to expect throughout the process. These would make the whole process easier for the entrepreneur.

3. Do Your Research

It is vital to do a research when it comes to buying a business because an existing business has a lot more than a name and branding: clients’ lists, trained staff, goodwill, branding equipment, thus assumed to be cost friendly compared to starting up your own business, which is never the case. This should therefore take lesser time to start realizing profits, which is not the case at times. Therefore, it is advisable to do research before buying a business.

So, when buying a business one has to plan early enough to start the buying process, as it is involving, with intense procedures. Avoiding negative feeling eases the whole entrepreneurial journey, hence a feeling of content and ownership arises. Having a clear plan on changes to be made will help in shaping and reorganizing the company to the business you want it to be. Before settling for a good business you want to buy, it is wise to initiate a research to find out whether it would be cost effective to invest your money into buying the business as opposed to starting up your own.

6 Simple Reasons Why Some Businesses Fail

Issa Asad Business FailuresEntrepreneurship is not for everyone. It requires careful steps to be followed and a proper guide to consider before making up a decision to carry on with a business. There are several reasons why small businesses fail; mainly because “a business owner fails to consider what actually implies to starting a business, progressing, and maintaining it,” exclaimed Issa Asad, a Florida businessman and CEO of 2 companies located across South Florida. Mr. Asad’s businesses are Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless.

A business should complete its life cycle through its phases. However, not all businesses complete their life cycles. Here are 6 simple reasons why some businesses fail.

1. Lack of Sufficient and Reserve Capital

Before drawing up a business plan, you should be having sufficient capital that you need to start a business. Take into consideration the funding that you have that will enable you finance your business. Starting a business with insufficient capital may lead to collapse of the whole project. Reserve capital is also equally necessary as the startup capital. You need to be aware that some other recurrent or even non-recurrent costs usually arise as the business continues. Reserve capital is meant to finance such costs whenever you incur them, but if there is no such capital your business is likely to fail.

2. Poor Business Plan

Drawing up a business plan is usually a first activity before anything else. You need to have an adequate business plan that will enable you to focus on the future of the business and the possible challenges that you will face. It also helps you be aware of the financial requirements, marketing strategies, your competition, and the overall strategy of the business. A poor business plan hinders you from focusing on such important factors.

3. Ineffective Marketing Strategy

You can never do business without customers. Customers differ in their taste and preferences. They need to be handled differently and this is the reason why market segmentation and market niche are very significant. A small business may fail if the marketing strategy that is put in place is not working. A good marketing strategy should cover cost involve for the advertisement and promotion of the business. Consider your means and media of advertising and promoting such as online, social media, local search, and among others.

4. Poor Execution

Lack of competence and expertise by the business team will underrate your business. Ensure you have good customer care services and well-trained personnel to handle each issue with sufficient skills and experience.

5. Inappropriate Location

The location of the business is very important and poor choice of the location causes the business not to expand. Location determines the level of competition that you will face as well the customers that you will actually reach.

6. Failing to Cope with New Changes

A business environment is changing frequently with new issues and technologies coming up. For the success of your business, you need to move with times and cope with such changes quickly and effectively.

3 Tips for Aspiring Social Media Marketing Managers

Issa Asad social media marketing managerFor years now, many have thought of social media as merely something for fun that passes time. That thought processes needs to be altered. There are now a number of career options that command impeccable social media marketing skills.

According to Florida-based social media expert and entrepreneur, Issa Asad, “Digital Etiquette” is “seen as one of the top core skills that are required within a modern workplace.” Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida.

The following are 3 tips for aspiring social media marketing managers for launching an impressive career.

1. One Size Does Not Fit All

There are a number of social media tools for the connection of communities in regards to the increasing of business. These tools include the likes of Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Each of the platforms has its own unique set of users, pros and cons. In order to effectively determine the proper platform to use, it is best to know that each of the tools is used for different jobs.

Keep in mind that effective marketing begins with determining the target audience as well as what you want to be learned regarding the brand. Once the objective has been determine, it can be analyzed as to precisely where the target audience will more than likely be found as well as engaged. For instance, one may choose Twitter as a way of communicating quick tidbits of compelling information. Or one may opt for Instagram as a method of delivering concise pictures of a brand’s products.

2. It’s All About the Content

It does very little for a brand should you simply post just to show activity on the account. Fatigue can be created due to the posting of too much useless information. This fatigue will drive potential as well as established customers from the account, decreasing revenue possibilities. Therefore content needs to be interesting, showing the personality of the practitioner and/or the brand.

It is highly recommended that social media marketing professionals utilized varied campaigns for brief periods of time as a measure of gauging the response of an audience. As responses flourish or fail to arise, the message will need to be adjusted. In doing so, ensure that the proper amount of time is being taken to assure that your brand stands out in a sea of others.

3. Results Matter

There is always an executive that is awaiting the analytics so that they can prove that the expense of hiring a social media marketing professional. With that being said, aspiring marketers will need to expressly know how to analyze as well as measure the return on investment for every campaign.

There are a variety of tools and methods that are able to properly measure impact. It is possible to review the click through rate in order to verify how many people have clicked on the campaign to learn more about the brand, etc. Others tend to measure engagement, which refers to the number of comments, likes, and forwards, retweets etc. that a post has received.

Regardless to how the results are measured, there are tools that are available to properly quantify the results.

Business Owners Should Pay Someone Else to Do These 3 Things

Issa Asad Business Check BookEvery business owner wants to see his or her business grow. The best way to achieve growth without compromising your daily operations is by ridding yourself of small responsibilities and focusing on major ones.

“In order to attain success and growth, business owners should pay someone else to do some easy, but necessary things,” exclaimed Issa Asad, Florida-based entrepreneur and CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless.

Mr. Asad said business owners should pay someone else to do these 3 things:

1. Project Management 

Project management can be quite overwhelming and time consuming. Every minute you spend managing your employees’ tasks and checking in on work, can be better spent in areas. These include tasks that involve directly growing you business and meeting more clients.

Most freelancers and outsourcing firms equip themselves well to handle non-core activities. When you’re looking for a third, party to handle your project management, only assign them the tasks that do not require a personal touch.

Take time to shop around for the best freelancer, outsourcing firm, or automated options in the market. A good automated option is Asana. This app helps the user reduce the time spent coordinating projects and managing employees by up to 50%. This will directly lead to an increase in productivity and revenue.

You can access this project-management app for between 21 dollars a month and 834 dollars a month for even up to 100 team members.

2. Eliminating Office Clutter

Copies of invoices, receipts and other small records can be quite difficult to sort. All the modern filing methods do very little to improve the situation. Receipts usually pile up and form an unsightly clutter in the office.

You can solve this problem by scanning these documents and sending them to be archived in a way that is easy to find in a service such as Shoeboxed. Shoeboxed will reduce your workload and allow you to grow your business without having to hire more people. You can try out such a service free, before you decide whether to pay or look for another one.

3. Office Maintenance

Office space in New York City is quite expensive. Here, office spaces go for between 27 dollars and 140 dollars per square foot. Incrementals and utility bills are not included in the rates.

You can opt for co-working or shared space in order to bring your costs down. A company such as WeWork, offers residents of this city an opportunity to bring down their operating expenses by allowing them to share office space and other services. These small businesses share many expenses such as utility and maintenance bills. In a way, this is like the subway of office space.

These companies handle all small daily tasks such as minor maintenance work, cleaning and the provision of security for all the offices. They also provide their tenants with other things like drinking water and coffee during office hours. These services are later included in the rent. These services provided allow small business owners to focus on things that add more value to their goals.

These companies usually charge between 45 dollars for on-demand workspace and 450 dollars for permanent or dedicated space. The slightly higher rent, more than covers any money you will have to pay an employee to get these tasks done.


These 4 Traits Make the Perfect Entrepreneurial Partner

Issa Asad business entrepreneurMany technologists have the notion that the terms entrepreneur and inventor have similar meaning. This makes them frustrated when they create their products and never gain any success. They lack the understanding that that most of the successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had business partners who complimented their skills on the technical and business side.

Developing a successful business in the modern days is more challenging than it was in the past. In those days people like Thomas Edison were able to develop a successful business empire from several inventions. Nowadays, there is overload of online information, many regulations from the government and a lot of alternatives that are available all over the world.

The word entrepreneur has been used to refer to an individual who designs a new business, which may or may not involve invention of a product or service. In some cases, great new businesses like Starbucks are developed from some of its oldest products, but with highly improved customer service, marketing, distribution, and better pricing strategies.

Issa Asad, Florida entrepreneur since 1996 says there are 4 traits that make the perfect entrepreneurial partner. Mr. Asad is the CEO of 2 companies located across South Florida, including Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings. These 4 traits make the perfect entrepreneurial partner:

1. They Concentrate on Developing a Business

Inventors spend most of their time developing products. A great entrepreneur begins by coming up with a problem that needs to be solved. For instance, the investor will consider the number of people with a problem and the amount people are ready to pay to resolve the problem, while the entrepreneur will figure out how to earn money for the product and how to implement it.

2. They Demonstrate High Passion and Marketing Skills

It is worth noting that even the best solutions require marketing. In addition, the right communication is also needed in order for the solution to get the right attention. An inventor has the attitude that if he develops something, people will get attracted to it, which leads to failure of an investment. A good entrepreneur has a passion that is spread easily to investors and customers.

3. They Are Customer Centered

An entrepreneur gives top priority to customer interaction, pricing, support, and value proposition. In building a business, it is vital to understand the most important segments and trends in the market. This is more necessary than focusing more on trends in technology.

4. They Know How to Lead a Team

Inventors tend to be lonely scientists who lack the right skills or interest to develop a team around them. An inventor might see a team as an extra burden or unnecessary to them. On the other hand, a team is very vital to an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs understand they require a team with ample skills and find happiness in leading the team to success in attaining their set goals.