cloudNo matter you need your business at small scale or large, you need to depend somewhat on cloud computing as it’s a cost effective and comfortable solution for everyday business needs. Cloud users often need to get help from cloud management tools for effective management and control of applications and data. As you know when we talk about cloud we have wide variety of services to choose from. Different organization uses cloud for different purposes. Thereby, cloud management tools are as diverse as cloud uses are. I’m going to explain 5 best tools which you can use for effective management of unlike cloud usage.

1. Symplified Identity Manager

SIM allows the administrators to create an identity vault of  Web-based application identity and passwords.  All is done with the mean of identity router named as SinglePoint.  The identity of user with SasS application is managed by only SIM product. If you concerned what SaaS applications will be covered through this tool then for your information, you can manage LinkedIn, Google Apps (the business version), Salesforce and many more. This tool can manage any application that comes with a login screen. The bad thing about this application is that its administration is quite hard.

2. Abiquo 1.7

If you are using VMware, Xen, HyperV, Red Hat and KVM-based products then simply Abiquo 1.7 that can manage such products effectively. You can manage resources effectively through this tool. It is next generation cloud management tool that allows you to enjoy latest features such as virtual to virtual conversion and liberating your IT organization as it doesn’t need to manage thousands of virtual machines. Good thing is that you can do this all without relinquishing control of the physical infrastructure.

3. Crowd Director

This tool makes it feasible for you to monitor and manage traffic of mission-critical servers, services, and compute clouds. The main reason of this management is to maximize availability and control of Internet services. It allows content provider to manage disparate network resources in an effective manner. Real time information of all your site operation is accessible through it.

4. RightScale

If you want to manage, deploy and design your cloud deployments across multiple public and private clouds then simply this tool comes for your assistance. It provides direct and easy access to your server and storage resources. When you will use this tool then you feel that there is a private data center with which you can manage available data whenever you want and whenever you need. Good thing is that this tool comes with multi cloud engine that allows you to manage different clouds at the same time.

5. Kavoo

This tool is quite effective as it allows the user to face the challenge of deploying and managing different applications and workloads in the clouds. IT infrastructure is made possible only through this cloud management tool. You can manage not only public and private cloud but also that of hybrid.

So, what you are looking for? Go and give a try to any of these cloud management tools.