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The 4 Best Travel Apps for 2015

Issa Asad Florida travel appWith a wide variety of innovative and helpful travel apps, traveling to new cities all around the world has never been easier. These apps will help you plan, navigate, and share your upcoming vacation. Post pictures, find a great local restaurant, or read reviews so you can turn your dream vacation into a reality.

“Don’t rely on old-fashioned guidebooks to plan your next vacation,” said Issa Asad, a telecommunications and technology entrepreneur from South Florida. Asad is also the CEO of 2 companies located in Florida including Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

Instead, use these exciting new travel apps to get up-to-date advice from expert travelers and locals alike.  Here’s a list of the 4 best travel apps for 2015:

1. Instagram

With over 300 million users, Instagram gives you access to endless travel tips and resources. Also, this social media app makes it super easy to post pictures of your travel adventures that are sure to make your friends jealous. Instagram is incredibly popular among travel bloggers as well, so check out what they are posting about during their most recent trips. Read about great hidden gems and get expert travel advice for your next adventure from professional travelers who know what they’re talking about.

2. Localeur

Remember the days when you had to walk up to total strangers in an unfamiliar city to ask where the best place to eat is? Localeur makes finding great local spots quick and easy. This travel app and website provides local feedback for destinations all over the world. Written by people who actually live in that city, this app gives you an insider’s guide to exploring new places. Each post aims to provide top-notch recommendations for local destinations, and even though Localeur contributes are paid for writing their articles, the app gives users honest and friendly recommendations based on their own personal experiences.

3. Pinterest

This app launched a Place pins feature over a year ago so that users could post and view photos and articles about worldwide travel destinations. Now, 70,000 new pins are added everyday. These pins can help you plan an action packed itinerary in whatever city you are visiting, giving you access to true-to-life pictures and stories from your fellow travelers. Easily avoid getting disappointed by bad travel tips by comparing reviews from multiple sources on Pintestest. This app is a treasure trove of travel information and can make all the difference in your upcoming vacation.

4. Trover

A mash-up between Trip Advisor and Instagram, the Trover app gives users from around the world a chance to upload their personal photos, along with recommendations for local hot spots. Also, you can pay it forward by sharing your own travel experiences to help out other users. Although, the content is not moderated so reassure yourself that you are getting good information by carrying a guidebook as a backup.
By using the travel apps listed above, you can plan and navigate your dream vacation without relying on the boring and outdated information found in guidebooks. These apps provide real-time tips and tricks for places all around the world. No matter where you’re going, these apps can help you along every step of your adventure so you can make memories that last a lifetime.

Why You Should Do Business in Florida Part Five: Quality of Life

Issa Asad 2015

Issa Asad Florida CEO of Bond Media, Q Link Wireless, and Quadrant Holdings, LLC.

Today’s global market presents different challenges that cities and states must meet to facilitate smooth global business establishments. The state of Florida has been outstanding in the creation of a friendly environment with top-ranked infrastructure and global connectivity to welcome different multinational talented workforce.

“Florida is a great state with great weather, best recreation, and diversified culture,” exclaimed Issa Asad Florida CEO of 2 companies including Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings.

Florida also offers affordable cost of living to accommodate your budget. Its economy is fourth largest in the United States with competitive business environment and economic development programs for sustained business growth. It has a business-friendly legislature, a favorable tax climate, and a large market to help your business get up and running quickly.

In the last of this blog series about doing business in Florida, this article explains the state’s impressive quality of life. This is why you should do business in Florida part five: quality of life.

The Quality of Life

Below is a brief evaluation of the quality of life at the state, geared at outlining why you should do business in Florida.

1. The Climate

The state is commonly referred to as Sunshine State due to its average annual high temperatures of 81 degrees Fahrenheit. At the lower end, the average annual low-temperature stands at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This presents and ideal climatic range for settling.

2. The Education

The administrators of the state are determined by the progression and establishment of the best educational systems. Emphasis is laid on small class interactions and regular testing for improved performance. There are numerous renowned colleges, universities, and technical universities all aimed at providing the much-needed education for the residents.

3. The Cost of Living

This is the state with one of the most affordable and desirable places to live. In comparison to the other US states, the cost of living is below par and the local government is committed to keeping the low tax environment. In addition, there are plentiful modern amenities and quality public services.

4. Arts and Culture

The state of Florida offers a broad spectrum of diversified arts, history and culture aimed at stimulating the mind and soul. It plays host to numerous international festivals and high profile art exhibitions. It is the home of professional musicians, dance troupes and literary legends with well-known entertainers and traveling Broadway shows. At Florida, you are assured of world-class entertainment from the numerous art, science and historical museums for your peace of mind.

5. The Recreation Facilities

Here, you will find in excess of 1,300 golf courses, white sandy beaches, thousands of lakes, regional parks, and recreational areas. There are unique shopping experiences with a myriad of cultural amenities and world class theme parks. There are many sporting events that you can participate as a fan or player, all geared to offering you a rewarding lifestyle.

6. Tourism

There are unrivaled entertainment parks with beautiful nature preserves and pristine beaches that make Florida a top tourist destination in the world. The state enjoys a booming tourism industry that offers great business opportunities for locals or multinationals.

The state of Florida has a fully developed multi-modal infrastructure that support all of her residents. The infrastructure range from road, rail, airports, seaport, and spaceports. It has a strategic global location and international trade expertise where one can gain success and access to foreign markets.

Read the first four parts in Mr. Asad’s blog series about doing business in Florida: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four.

Why You Should Do Business in Florida Part One: Rising Business Climate

Issa Asad in Florida

Issa Asad in Florida

If you decide to open up a business in the state of Florida, you can rest assured that it will be a smart decision. With a highly-favorable business tax structure, competitive costs, and government policies, the doorways to future growth in Florida are effortless. Florida is consistently high in the ranks and stands as one of the very best states for business and much of that is due to the policies of the pro-business state tax. The cost of doing business is highly competitive, along with a streamlined regulatory environment. Florida always remains proud in welcoming competitive advantages and a healthy business climate.

This article is the first of a five-part series that will explain why you should do business in Florida. This series is written by Issa Asad, the CEO of 2 companies located in Dania, Florida: Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings. Mr. Asad has been a CEO and entrepreneur in the South Florida area since 1996 and is well-respected among the telecommunication and technology industries.

The first part of the series will explain how Florida’s rising business climate is extremely favorable for new businesses.

Florida’s Government is Business-Friendly

The government of Florida, as well as its economic developmental leaders, is allies in ensuring that the business climate of the state is completely welcoming to companies of any size. This includes even some of the biggest corporations in the country. Florida is constantly working hard to make sure that fiscal, legislative, and initiatives of the marketplace, such as the targeted industry incentives and the insurance tort reform are always operating efficiently. Florida also is proudly one of very few states within the country that enables the right-to-work initiative.

Economic Cost of Doing Business

A great alternative to the ever competitive high-tech states, Florida makes the possibility very economic for its residents to start a business. To put in in layman’s terms, labor, land, and capital is considerably more affordable than that other states such as New York and California, as a couple of examples. On top of that, the businesses in particular industries or in unique locations are provided with added financial incentives. Those businesses that are in search of road infrastructure and workforce training can essentially qualify for special incentive programs.

A Pro-Business Tax Structure

In Florida, business dollars will stretch out considerably due to the wonderful advantages of the state’s taxes and the fact that there is no personal income state tax.

Expediting is Not Prohibitive

Florida firmly realizes that if a business is going to thrive to its fullest, they need certainty, a good amount of efficiency, and predictability in the eyes of government regulation. The regulatory agencies of the state and even the local governments enable a much quicker and economic permitting process in which business can always rely on. The reason that Florida strives for that is to enrich itself and make better decisions regarding the economic developmental projects in a way of making sure that the environmental standards are reduced.

Quality Resources are Available

Access to capital for growing businesses is always offered by Florida, regarding federal, state, and other various services. Capital formation initiatives are perpetually implemented, including initiatives like economic gardening programs and the Florida Opportunity Fund. These will play a big role in expanding Florida businesses with the intent of providing specialized services like business management tools, market information, and leadership development.

There is No Place Like Florida

Florida is one of the greatest states in the country for a reason and because of that, so many people want to call this beautiful state their home. The local government has provided its residents to an open canvas in order to pursue their dreams and it is things like that which make Florida so special.

Why Use a Prepaid Calling Card?

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Prepaid Calling Cards by issaasad

Prepaid calling cards allows you to conveniently make national, long distance and international phone calls without monthly fees or being locked into costly landline rates and plans. Although prepaid calling cards are no longer as popular as they once were, and some companies were shut down due to lawsuits from the FCC, there is still a substantial demand for them.

How do you define a “prepaid calling card”?

Prepaid calling cards are either physical or “digital cards” that hold a preset amount of talk minutes valid for phone calls within a specific country. Some companies and cards offer special times and promotions for specific countries; for example, the card can offer a certain amount of calls for the United States and Mexico, but not for Brazil. Usually, the owner of the card pays for a package of talk time, and to make a call, they will dial a certain code before the destination’s number. Prepaid phone cards can be used from any landline and most cell phones.

What happened to prepaid phone cards?

Some prepaid phone card companies were closed by the FCC because of cases of fraud; a lot of companies made promises to give a lot of minutes for a very low price. The old saying of “if something sounds too good to be true, then it likely is not true,” is correct in this instance. A lot of the cards promised to offer 1,000+ minutes of talk time, but then charged separate hidden fees for just using the card. Some companies even limited to the amount of continuous talk time to one hour. The companies did not fully disclose the fee schedules on the card’s packaging, and as such, millions of customers were charged unknowingly. However, at the time, prepaid phone cards were one of the few alternatives to expensive long distance landline phone plans.

How have prepaid phone cards changed?

The FCC cracked down on prepaid phone card companies, and now they are much more reputable. Companies including Wal-Mart and AT&T  are now one of the biggest companies to offer prepaid calling cards. These companies offer dependable cards that are security encrypted and guaranteed by reliable and well-known companies.

Who should use prepaid phone cards?

If you travel abroad, or you’re in the military, Issa Asad highly recommends you to get a prepaid calling card from a reputable company. These cards offer you international phone calls at a drastically lower price, which is something many cell phone companies cannot offer. Prepaid phone calls are extremely valuable if you ever travel, or your cell phone loses services, lost, stolen or is broken. The military also enjoys using prepaid calling cards, as it allows them to stay in touch with their friends and family, regardless of where they are stationed.

Prepaid phone cards are ideal for niche and targeted segments of the telecom market. Some people that are included in this niche are people who use a landline plan and do not car for continuous long distance service. Instead of using a cell phone, these people can get local and long distance nationwide calling for just $40 a month, and taxes and fees.

Issa Asad Shares How Telecom Companies Used Social Media

issa asad facebook

Connecting to your audience via social media in a way they can understand and relate to is extremely important. With a variety of platforms and methods to reach out to your audience, how do you know which is going to work best for you?

Now, Issa Asad shares how telecom companies used social media.

Issa Asad is a social media expert and telecommunications entrepreneur from Miami, Florida. He is bestselling author of 4 social media books. Issa Asad is also the CEO of two companies located in Dania, Florida: QLink Wireless, LLC, and Quadrant Holdings, LLC.

“As a business owner, some campaigns go well while others will fail; however, using the right message and connecting at a personal level, is always something that bodes well with your audience,” said Issa Asad. “These are 5 great examples of how telecommunications companies connected to their audience.”

“Always On” – Buzzfeed

This campaign is just what it says it is; the site and company basically are “always on”, and always connected to their audience. The campaign was one that connected well with people because it gave them what they wanted (news and media), on their own time schedule. “Rather than wait for the company to provide the media, customers and visitors could see what they want at any time, meaning they had control of what they were viewing, and when they were viewing it,” said Issa Asad.

“JUMP! Program” – T-Mobile

The T-Mobile campaign allowing customers to upgrade when they want, rather than on a two year basis, is another solution that drew in many consumers. Giving your customers that much freedom, allowing them to have the latest devices and letting them switch when they want, without having to worry about penalties, was a great way to connect and also to show the customers that the company truly wants to give them the best mobile devices. “No one wants to feel arrested when asking for a new cell phone,” said Issa Asad. “T-Mobile made customers feel they don’t have to be jailed in with one phone.”

“Your City, Your Passion” – Skype

During this social media campaign, Skype allowed users to connect to people around the world, by discussing their home city and what they love about where they currently live. The campaign basically allowed users of the site to connect, to tell their story and to discuss what makes them and their local city so great. Giving people this creative freedom and ability to share their story is a great way for companies to connect with their audience. “The Skype campaign was well-accepted, and gave customers a voice,” said Issa Asad.

“Be more dog” – O2

O2 Mobile used this campaign to showcase their great sense of humor. By showing the difference between people, connecting them to animals and adding a sense of urgency to be more of a “dog person,” the company highlighted their funny side. It also forced people to look at life in a different way, and to view the company as one that works to ensure customers get what they need. Although a bit different in approach, this was a great way to show creativity and to show customers they work to provide the best services to them.

“Turn the Internet Red” – Facebook

Remember when millions of users changed their profile picture to a red equal sign to promote same sex marriage awareness and equality? While some companies may push away political campaigns, Facebook embraced it, they joined forces online and they asked their subscribers to show understanding via the use of connectivity. Although not every user reacted the same way, the company did show a united front and showed how they could connect to their users.

Social media is a great way for businesses to connect to their audience. Not all social media platforms will do this in the same way, and not all are going to elicit the same great response. In all of these great campaigns, the message was to get the customer to show unity, and to create a sense of urgency in customers.

The messages of each of these campaigns were presented in different ways. Some used humor, others used a sense of connection and belonging. But, the main message was to unite and to show that the company was willing to go out of its way for the customer, rather than to better their own needs. “The right campaign will elicit plenty of response, and each of these campaigns showed just that as they were able to connect with the masses,” said Issa Asad.

iPhone 6 Features

apple_iphone_6There is little chance living in modern times that the term iPhone is unknown. It has been around for quite some time and is part of Apples integrated computing and communication systems. The iPhone has been progressing into a thinner, more feature packed phone with each evolution and the iPhone 6 is no exception to the concept of continually moving forward through concisely controlled production and customer feedback. Apple prides itself on not just being innovative but intuitive as well. The iPhone 6 is available in two distinct models, the basic iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Both are very streamlined models, continuing with the trend of all smart phones to become thinner and lighter.

Basic iPhone 6 features.

 Starting with the display, the iPhone 6 features a crisp and comfortable to use 4.7 inch display that have 1334 x 750 resolution and a stunning 326 pixels per inch. The thin iPhone 6 is an astonishing 6.9mm thick, which is nearly a full millimeter thinner than the previous model. It uses a powerful Apple A8 processes that also uses an Apple M8 co-processor for even smoother app performance. Among its central processors it is also wired with the ability to track movement and position using an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and barometer. The iPhone 6 also offers improved battery life over the previous generations, and the longevity is even better with the Plus model. For the cell phone photographer, the iPhone 6 has an improved 8 megapixel camera with an Isight sensor that uses larger pixels combined with a f/2.2 aperture to help you capture even more stunningly clear images than before. The photo software available on the iPhone 6 also allows for different styles of videos to be taken, including slow motion or simple blur reduction due to shaky hands.

How the basic iPhone 6 features compare to the Plus.

 The first and most noticeable feature of the iPhone 6 Plus is the screen size. In comparison to the basic iPhone 6, it is 5.5 inches in size with a crisp 1920 x 1080 resolution and 401 pixels per inch. The slight differences in numbers give it a remarkably sharper picture than the basic iPhone 6 or any previous generation. For its increase in size and features, the thinness is sacrificed slightly, coming to 7.1 mm, though it remains thinner than the iPhone 5 and younger models that are 7.6 mm or more. The big difference, aside from resolution and screen size between the basic and Plus models is the inclusion of optical image stabilization. Everything is sharper on the iPhone 6 Plus screen thanks to Apple’s combined use of the A8 SoC and M8 motion processing. Using these features, the iPhone 6 Plus goes beyond even the capabilities of the basic model to give absolute compensation for natural hand motions, delivering some of the absolute clearest pictures possible in a phone.

Shared between the basic and Plus iPhone 6 features is the call quality.

 Apple makes good on its promise for innovation, delivering superior call quality for both models of the iPhone 6. Typical voice calls have long had a bad reputation when it came to cell phones, it was even made infamous by the fact the industry leaders even mocked commercials. With the iPhone 6, Apple has introduced Volte, or Voice or LTE, which is an option for areas when Wi-Fi is not accessible. What it translates to is, provided the carrier allows it, is that not matter where you are, you can accessed multiple means of carrying calls, instead of relaying on potentially unstable or unavailable lines of communication.

Cell Phone Thefts: How You Can Protect Yourself

cell-phone-theftMost of us wouldn’t know what to do if we had to go without our cell phones. Even when we need to wait a day or two to have our mobile device fixed or replaced, it can seem like an eternity. Unfortunately, plenty of people out there want your phone too and are willing to break the law and resort to pretty despicable means in order to get it.

Write Down the Number of Your Device

Do this right now before you forget. You never know when a potential theft will happen and having the number written down can make a big difference should it ever occur. Each phone has it in a different area. On an iPhone, you’ll find it in small print on the back. Look up where to find your particular version and then keep a copy of it somewhere safe.

If someone ever steals your phone, you can call your carrier and give them the number. They’ll immediately shut it down, then, so that no one can activate or otherwise use the device on a domestic network.

Always Remain Aware of Your Surroundings

One thing that makes it so easy to steal cell phones is because people regularly have their phones out in the open. Consider how much a phone is worth. $200? $300? Some cost $500 or $600. Would you take out that much cash in a public area? Probably not, right? So why do that with your cell phone?

Even though you have to use your phone from time to time, make sure you know where you are when you do it. When you text, your head is down, unaware of who is around you. This makes it very easy for someone to get a running start, grab your phone and take off before you even know what happened.

Instead, if you’re going to use your phone in public with people around, find a wall to lean up against so people can’t simply run off and keep their momentum. Use the phone in the hand closest to the wall and shield it with your other so it looks like you’re just blocking out light. This will also make the snatch and grab much harder. Lastly, look up regularly so you can see anyone getting suspiciously close.

Check Yourself Regularly

Many thieves won’t wait for you to produce your phone because they’re adept at brushing up against you and taking the device off your person. If at all possible, then, wear clothes with pockets that are hard to reach. This may mean coats with inside pockets or those with zippers on them.

If this isn’t an option, either keep a hand on your phone while you’re about and about, even though it remains in your pocket at all times. Otherwise, at least check back on it regularly, especially if you’re in cramped quarters like a subway.

Cell phone theft is, unfortunately, something that will continue happening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to prevent it with the above tips.


Analog versus Digital Communications: What You Need to Know

Analog communication is a form of communication in which the message that is transmitted is done via analog. This means that an analog signal is transmitted during the communication process. The analog signal is usually obtained from a variety of sources such as video shooting and speech.

Analog communications tend to rely on simpler technology and the signals are usually continuous. An example of an analog communication is using talking to someone or sending a letter to communicate with another party.

On the other hand, digital communications refer to communication carried out using digital technology. Digital communications continue to expand especially with the growth of social media. You can use email, blogs, and social network pages to communicate.

Comparing Digital and Analog

One of the main benefits of using digital communications as opposed to analog communications is that they are immune to noise. There is always some noise or unwanted voltage in a transmission path and this can interfere with the communication process. It is impossible to eliminate this noise completely but it is necessary to reduce it as much as possible to ensure the signal is transmitted effectively. In analog communication the noise combines with the signals that are sent and this leads to distortion. However, when you are using digital communication it is possible to eliminate the unwanted voltage at the receiver’s end. It is difficult to eliminate the noise in analog communication once it combines with the signal.

Digital communication offers better security compared to analog communication. This is because the former involves a variety of coding techniques that are not available to analog forms of communication.

Analog communications are more expensive because they require amplifiers to make sure signals are clear throughout the transmission path. Signals tend to fade as they pass through transmission paths and this makes it necessary to reconstruct and retransmit them several times. Digital communications rely on repeaters to transmit the signals. For analog communications, it is necessary to use amplifiers for every two to three kilometers of transmission path. On the other hand, digital communications need repeaters for each 5 to 6 kilometers of transmission path.

Digital communications tend to use more bandwidth compared to analog communications. It is important to note that bandwidth is often a scarce resource and this makes it necessary to make the most of what is available. This may explain why while there has been a shift towards digital communications; people still rely on analog communications to ensure efficient use of available bandwidth.

It is easy to manipulate digital communications and they are also flexible, allowing users to make adjustments depending on their needs.

Digital communications allow users to store the transmitted messages for a longer period without damage concerns compared to analog communications. It is easier to store messages in a memory card as opposed to paper files that are easily get lost or damaged.

Digital communication helps to save time because it is possible to interact with more than one individual in different locations in real time. Video conferencing is a good example of digital communications that makes this possible. This is not possible through analog communications.