Issa Asad Bond Florida

Issa Asad, Florida CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, and CEO of Bond Media.

Florida has more than 9.7 million of highly trained personnel. This will make your process of starting a business in the area very easy. The population in Florida is educated in different fields, this makes it easy for you to start any type of business and you will be assured of enough employees who will help you in running the business.

“The state of Florida has excellent educational institutions which ensure the population has been equipped with great skills in different fields,” exclaimed Issa Asad, the Florida-based entrepreneur and CEO of 2 companies located in South Florida: Quadrant Holdings, LLC, and Q Link Wireless, LLC.  “Florida is ranked highly nationwide when taking into consideration the number of skilled labor available,” said Asad.

The training programs available in Florida make it among the best places where you will access skilled labor. The programs ensure different field are covered well to make work easier for the employees at the work place. This is the fourth part of this miniseries highlighting Florida businesses. This is why you should do business in Florida part four: workforce.

Labor Markets

Florida has a lot of talented workers whom you can utilize for you to run your business smoothly. When comparing the cost of labor in Florida and other states which have developed technologically, just like Florida, you will discover Florida offers the workers at affordable rates. This is due to the tax structure in the state. There are lower business costs in Florida which even make it easier for you to set up your dream business. You will find the professionals in Florida very diverse linguistically; this makes them very competitive in the market.

TechAmerica’s Cyberstates report ranked Florida among the best states when it comes to high tech employment. The state has more than 267,500 high tech workers. There are many workers specializing in healthcare and advanced degrees. The 9.7 million workers that Florida has make it the third largest state with a lot of workers.


The state has 6 medical schools, a total of 12 public universities and several private colleges. The educational institutions work closely with the business industry to ensure they produce workers who are very competent in different fields. The programs that the schools offer are developed after close consideration of the business needs. This makes the business to access workers who are ready to deliver in their businesses.

The colleges in Florida are among the top performing in research, commercialization of technologies among other areas of interest to businesses. The universities ensure they employ cutting edge technology in research to ensure they come up with results which impact positively on the performance of businesses.

Workforce Training

The training programs in Florida are customized to ensure students are equipped with necessary skills for them to perform well in industries. The training is aimed at making companies lower costs and earn more profits. For instance, CareerSource Florida, offers innovative partnership which ensure there is excellent workforce training. It offers programs such as quick response training, incumbent work training among other training programs that make it easy for companies in Florida to easily recruit the best workers. The training programs ensure workers have accessed the necessary skills required for them to maintain cutting edge technology in serving in different positions.