xchangecommunications Issa AsadReliable Telecard Inc., a Miami-based company, is a leading provider of Radiant Telecom prepaid cards, wholesale and retail telecommunications services, to agents and distributors worldwide. The company uses the Ntera network and infrastructure to route calls nationwide.

“Reliable was among the first in the industry to anticipate the calling card explosion of the last few years and one of the only ones able to channel, direct and expand the calling card industry,” says Issa Asad, CEO, Reliable Telecard Inc. “We sell over 50 million cards nationwide, enjoy sales in excess of $190 million and provide more than 16 billion telecom-use minutes. Reliable’s distributors market hundreds of different cards designed to meet the needs and requirements of numerous agents, companies, communities and consumers.”

Reliable’s prepaid retail cards are available at over 250,000 points of sale nationwide, and currently, the company markets over 100 brands. Travelers and other persons on the go choose Reliable’s popular Nation’s Choice card, which, with its low domestic and aggressive international rates, flexibility and ease of use, offers the convenience of telecommunications from anywhere in the country.

Our first usage program offers agents the ability to expand and grow their business with no money and no risk.
First usage enables agents to carry numerous products for every niche with no cost of inventory, minimal deposit and maximum inventories of Radiant’s brand name cards. It’s a great way for agents to obtain an open credit line and helps them grow their businesses without financial burdens. It’s also a great way for agents to carry a variety of products without the worry of not carrying the right product for the right market.
“With this system you always are ahead of the curve with vast selections at your fingertips. We extend wholesale agents an open credit line and help agents grow their businesses without financial burdens. We’re continuing our ongoing success because we understand the needs of our customers and will continue to strive to meet those needs. Reliable Telecard is the industry leader today and will be tomorrow.”

Issa Asad says. – April 10, 2010.