Issa Asad Waze

Issa Asad Shares How to Use Waze Ads to Promote Your Business

Waze is currently the most popular and widely used application in terms of navigation. It has taken the world of mapping and navigating to a new level. It is a smartphone application that allows drivers to steer around places, known and unknown to them. It sources real time traffic statistics for users. The application provides community driven data and has maps in 13 nations. “Thus, advertising on this app helps to put the business on the map of Waze and this interests drivers around the area,” said Issa Asad Florida businessman and entrepreneur since 1996. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida.

The first step to activate Waze service is to register as an user at Waze Advertise by clicking here. Next, a username has to be entered. The app does not accept two people with the same username. Therefore, a unique username has to be chosen. The immediate next steps are listed below.

1. Location on the Map

In the very beginning itself, Waze app takes the user to the page where a world map is provided and the user has to point to the address of the business location with approximation.

2. Create a Logo

This is the second step where the user has to create a pin having a size of 60X48. This would be the business logo that would be put on the map. Creating a logo might sound tough and technical. However, it is no rocket science. All that has to be done is to go to Canva and create a logo with no extra charge as the service is free of cost.

3. Add Location Details

The third step to the process of getting started with Waze is adding the business name and exact address. Once the address and name is put, the description has to be added. Description ideally should be creative and catchy in order to attract visitors more frequently. An image option will also be available for the user to add an image of size 200X200. This image can be created using Canva.

4. Add More Business Details

Next up is the process where the app would allow the user to put in further details such as details of landmark closest to the business address, business phone number, website details (if there is one), business timings and so on. This would make more information available to the drivers and would attract more business.

5. Choose Your Budget

Finally, there is the step of fixing the budget and bidding. Waze is determined by the cost per thousand impressions, abbreviated as CPM. The user has to pay only when the pin is exposed on the map. There are no extra charges for the users if drivers click on the pin or choose to take a look at the website. The minimum bid to advertise is set at $1 per CPM, the minimum budget for advertisement for the month being set at $50. Waze automatically spreads the budget to last for the entire month.

The user’s location will show as a sponsored one if drivers search for the appropriate business. In case of market competitions, the business that has the highest bid will flash on the top of the list in terms of search outcomes.

Get registered on Waze app and make more money. Cheers.