mediaThe year 2012 has came to an end, and here’s the list of Android apps that were released this year and that are very popular and useful in your everyday Android life.

Google Chrome

Surely, when we speak about smartphone or a tablet we mean that it will be used for surfing the Internet as well. I think you will agree that almost all modern mobile devices are useless without Internet connection. And browser is your way to surf the Internet. In February beta-version of Chrome browser was introduced into Google Play Store but the fact that it worked only on 4.x OS versions was a real disappointment. After almost a year a lot of devices were updated to 4.x OSes, Chrome, in its turn, has become more stable and faster. And for me, personally, right now it’s the best browser for Android.


Surely you can’t do without your personal mailbox. There’re hundreds of messengers and services, but when we speak about working correspondence, then email is the best way out. And among all email services I will choose Gmail, because the owners of Gmail account get also a very convenient navigation within the mail itself, and also a lot of add-ons and extensions for browser that let you to add you anything to the mail interface. During this year Gmail mobile app has been significantly improved and became even more useful and handy. Best mail client for Android.

Google Goggles

Nowadays under the term “search” we understand not only text input of request. Now you can just set your camera on an object and get the information you need about it. Together with Google Translate, QR codes recognizer and other apps, Googles is one of the best ways to get information about the world around you.

Google Drive

Modern life is so fast that we may need access to some important files any time and any place. And recently launched Google Drive offers you such a possibility. If we speak about the functionality of the service, then I can say that it’s no worse than that of the popular Dropbox. But in addition to its functions of cloud storage, GD works really well with documents of different types. That’s why I think this service is better than Dropbox.

Android Lost Free

You’re a happy person if you haven’t asked yourself “Where is my phone?” even once. But you need to be ready for such a situation when your device is lost and install an app that will help you to find it. This app will be your savior if your device is lost somewhere in the flat or you simply don’t remember where you have left it. There’re a lot of similar apps in the Play Store, but the main criterion why I’ve chosen this one is that because it’s free. Other developers demand charge for such apps.


I think that the world is divided into two parts: those who love Evernote and those who’re lazy to master the app. For the first part of the world this app has become an indispensable daily assistant. Since the moment of its release Evernote has acquired a lot of new functions and now can do more tasks than ever. So if you need a tool that will ease your life and will remember more things than your memory – then install Evernote.


We speak about automation but the fact is that a lot of mobile developers nowadays still ignore such an important aspect of the work of a mobile device as automatic fulfillment of different tasks depending on different conditions. In order to realize such an option users need to download third party apps, like Tasker. But there’s a free alternative to Tasker – an app called Llama. This app has a lot of similar functions with Tasker but it’s free, and that’s an advantage.

Adidas miCoach

Every person needs some exercise in the life. I won’t assert that you can’t do sports without a personal mobile assistant but such a variant is surely worth a try. miCoach is not a new app and there’re a lot of fans of this application. So it’s no wonder that it is almost perfect and can do anything a beginner or even a professional sportsman needs.

ES Explorer

In spite of the fact that all modern apps are described by their developers as absolutely easy for use and convenient, after some use we can say quite the opposite. Let’s take for example apps-explorers that help us to navigate through the files and data in our devices. It is surprising, but Android OS still doesn’t have a quality default explorer. The only way out is to install a third-party app. In the Play Store there’re several leaders that are marked with 4.5 stars by users, and that says a lot about the quality of these apps. But personally I’d choose ES because although it has similar functional, I like its interface more than that of the others.


Poweramp is a musical player which together with Titanium Backup holds top places in the paid apps rating. And there’s a reason for it: this app is really cool. You may spend hours in trying other players, both free and paid, but I’m sure that your final choice will be Poweramp.