Issa Asad in Florida

Issa Asad in Florida

If you decide to open up a business in the state of Florida, you can rest assured that it will be a smart decision. With a highly-favorable business tax structure, competitive costs, and government policies, the doorways to future growth in Florida are effortless. Florida is consistently high in the ranks and stands as one of the very best states for business and much of that is due to the policies of the pro-business state tax. The cost of doing business is highly competitive, along with a streamlined regulatory environment. Florida always remains proud in welcoming competitive advantages and a healthy business climate.

This article is the first of a five-part series that will explain why you should do business in Florida. This series is written by Issa Asad, the CEO of 2 companies located in Dania, Florida: Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings. Mr. Asad has been a CEO and entrepreneur in the South Florida area since 1996 and is well-respected among the telecommunication and technology industries.

The first part of the series will explain how Florida’s rising business climate is extremely favorable for new businesses.

Florida’s Government is Business-Friendly

The government of Florida, as well as its economic developmental leaders, is allies in ensuring that the business climate of the state is completely welcoming to companies of any size. This includes even some of the biggest corporations in the country. Florida is constantly working hard to make sure that fiscal, legislative, and initiatives of the marketplace, such as the targeted industry incentives and the insurance tort reform are always operating efficiently. Florida also is proudly one of very few states within the country that enables the right-to-work initiative.

Economic Cost of Doing Business

A great alternative to the ever competitive high-tech states, Florida makes the possibility very economic for its residents to start a business. To put in in layman’s terms, labor, land, and capital is considerably more affordable than that other states such as New York and California, as a couple of examples. On top of that, the businesses in particular industries or in unique locations are provided with added financial incentives. Those businesses that are in search of road infrastructure and workforce training can essentially qualify for special incentive programs.

A Pro-Business Tax Structure

In Florida, business dollars will stretch out considerably due to the wonderful advantages of the state’s taxes and the fact that there is no personal income state tax.

Expediting is Not Prohibitive

Florida firmly realizes that if a business is going to thrive to its fullest, they need certainty, a good amount of efficiency, and predictability in the eyes of government regulation. The regulatory agencies of the state and even the local governments enable a much quicker and economic permitting process in which business can always rely on. The reason that Florida strives for that is to enrich itself and make better decisions regarding the economic developmental projects in a way of making sure that the environmental standards are reduced.

Quality Resources are Available

Access to capital for growing businesses is always offered by Florida, regarding federal, state, and other various services. Capital formation initiatives are perpetually implemented, including initiatives like economic gardening programs and the Florida Opportunity Fund. These will play a big role in expanding Florida businesses with the intent of providing specialized services like business management tools, market information, and leadership development.

There is No Place Like Florida

Florida is one of the greatest states in the country for a reason and because of that, so many people want to call this beautiful state their home. The local government has provided its residents to an open canvas in order to pursue their dreams and it is things like that which make Florida so special.